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Treat Dispensing Roll Toy

Veterinarian and Dog Trainer recommended irresistible treat & exercise ball that keeps dogs happy and healthy. This effective and enjoyable dog toy combats boredom and behavior problems. It stimulates dogs both mentally and physically by appealing to their natural instincts... playing and searching for food - making for a happy dog. It's so easy! Simply put their favorite treats (whatever they may be) into the opening. They can see the treat, smell the treat and hear the treat inside. Give it a roll and enjoy the show. The pet owners have as much fun watching as the dogs do playing.

Busy Dog Ball is a Treat Dispensing Roll Toy for your dog. It Curbs Destructive Chewing and rewards your dog for playing with treats, exercise & fun!

  • It's a challenging toy for starting a puppy with, or any age dog, and it makes a great training device.

  • It's nontoxic, durable and made in the USA. All of it, not just part of it!

  • It carries a U.S. Pat. (No. 5819690)

  • It's clear plastic design allows for visibility inside the product, allowing the dog to see their favorite treat.

  • Treats are not restricted to just biscuits, but whatever kind of treat the dog may like. From carrots, apples, cheese, rawhide, etc.

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Dog treat roll toy

Unique dog toy designed with your pet in mind!

Pet Activity Toys

Treat Dispensing Roll Toy
Busy Dog Ball not only promotes healthy pet activity but passes the time preventing boredom.

Chew Tested - Pet Tough !

Give it a roll and watch the fun!

Great Pet Activity Aid

What goes in the ball will come out of the ball randomly!

Treat size determines how quickly or slowly the rewards are dispensed.

American Made

"Quality" comes with a price.
Don't sacrifice that quality for price.

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